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Honey, Holy, and Sugar were all adopted together. This sweet little donkey family will get to stay together forever on a really big farm with lots of friends. Did I mention their new owners also farm their own hay? Unlimited hay buffet, l'd say they hit the jackpot!

From their adopters-"They have made themselves right at home. They are doing great! I looked outside the window and the baby was snoozing in the hay pile. I think they are fitting in just fine!"


Tulip found the perfect home for Christmas 

From the Adopters- "She rested her head on my shoulder when I knelt down last night to greet her. We all love her already! I thank you for trusting in me to give her a beautiful loving home."


Ruby always seemed to be looking for something. She was always on the move, always searching. I thought perhaps she was searching for a lost donkey companion but I soon realized she was searching for her human. She broke out of the fence many times and she would come wait and be at our door first thing in the morning. Ruby wanted to be with humans more than donkeys. 

I’m excited to share she has been adopted by a precious little girl with a pink barn! The little girl has her very own therapy barn with animals that help children. They had already been pre-approved for adoption and when the family came to meet our adoptables, Ruby RAN to them! I knew Ruby had found her place and chose her humans. She needed a purpose, and she wasn’t ready to retire into sanctuary. It was simply meant to be and anytime we can find a beautiful home for an animal that is healthy and healed, it saves two lives. The one adopted and the one that will come and take their place. 
I’m happy to share they even kept her name Ruby and she is doing marvelous. Already settled in and being spoiled with so much love and attention! Ruby finally found what she was looking for. 
We wish you all the best Ruby!

Screen Shot 2023-01-31 at 10.56.14 AM.png

Jack finally found his own special family! He has lots of horsey friends and a large pasture full of yummy hay! Jack was arranged for adoption by a daughter (with the help of her mother) as a gift to her father. Such a sweet adoption story!

From his adopters: He is doing wonderful, my dad is in-love!

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