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Our Mission

To rescue and provide sanctuary to at risk donkeys and draft horses in America from the auctions, and dire situations. We aim to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home donkeys and draft horses. We provide sanctuary to some, and give them a beautiful new life to heal. Always providing peace, love, kindness, a full belly, and a gentle hand. We are a long term home of healing and care with around the clock care and supervision.
We aim to bring Global Awareness to the slaughter crisis. 

We have successfully saved 20 donkeys, 4 draft horses
and 2 Ponies
 At Risk Donkeys & Draft horses.

Direct Goal
To save 12 donkeys & drafts a year. To bring public awareness
to the kill pen crisis. To give donkeys & draft horses a voice.

Geographic Areas Served

Maine State Charter # 20230316ND
IRS 501 (c) (3) EIN# 92-1250821


Ashley Hays Wright is the founder of Donkey & Draft Rescue and also an award winning film director.

While making a film about rescue horses, she saw a donkey that captured her heart come across a Facebook page. He was up for adoption, he had been recently saved from a feed lot. She set up a transport to bring him home immediately.

That donkey is Prancer. The leader and Patriarch of the donkey herd here.  Prancer showed her a new level of love and amazement with donkeys. Her mission was now to show the world how amazing these creatures are and to show others how very worthy they are to be saved!


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